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Vladimir Kislukhin

vladimir kislukhin
I.P.A. Russian Federation

«The Atlasorbis» magazine came to the rescue

vladyKirov Regional Branch of the Russian section of the International Police Association (IPA),

starting from the day of its founding in 1994, under the leadership of President Nicolas Koshcheev branch is active and fruitful international activities. With the creation in Vyatka region division of this respected international NGO members of the IPA had atlasorbisthe opportunity to travel to different states of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, to study the history and culture of these countries to get acquainted with life of police officers abroad. Recently, a group of residents of Kirov - members of the IPA - had the opportunity to visit a party of his colleagues in the United States. The initiator of the visit of the Kirov police at the distant American soil was the celebrated athlete, winner of numerous international and national competitions in powerlifting, a member of the International Police Association, Vladimir Reshetnikov. To me, as a freelance reporter several Russian and foreign journals, too, was anxious to get the United States to become better acquainted with this powerful nation, to meet my pen pals from Pennsylvania Bill, Karen and Sandra Neil, and establish friendships with my colleagues - police officers and members of the U.S. World Sports Festival.
Issuing the necessary documents to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, the delegation of the Kirov region arrived in the city Columbus, Ohio.
This large American city since 1988, is traditionally held a prestigious international tournament called «Arnold Classic Festival" ("Arnold Classic Festival"), which attracts tens of thousands of athletes from around the world.
This year, the spacious gyms Columbus could barely accommodate more than 18,000 competitors in different sports and at least 200,000 festival guests from 74 countries. Athletes from Kirov also arrived at this grand celebration of the strength and health to take part in a powerlifting competition.
Despite the delay of the flight, at the airport of arrival of Columbus Russians patiently waited for the first vice-president of the United States Section of the International Police Association Steve Livingston. Before exploring this remarkable man of our delegation was aware that July 15, 2012 Police Officer Steve Livingston, assisting the injured in a road accident a woman, found himself under attack vehicle - SUV, driven mad with alcohol and drug offender. As a result of this collision Steve Livingston suffered multiple fractures, rupture of the lungs and other body tissues. Doctors after several operations barely saved from death-life hero cop.
And so, despite the still unhealed wounds, Steve Livingston warmly greeted at the airport to our delegation, presented the gifts provide all possible care and hospitality of the members of the IPA from the remote Russian city. He organized a tour of the multi-million dollar capital of Ohio, introduced to the process of preparing young ministers of law and order in the Columbus Police Academy. A particularly strong impression on the guests made a demonstration of modern American weapons police called "Taser." This is a formidable weapon that looks like a big gun, shoots at a target beam sharp metal hooks that dig into the soft tissue of the person, and through the thin wire from the trunk of Tasers to the body rushes rowdy powerful impulse of electric current. A spill of hooks and electric discharge the offender is temporarily paralyzed, which allows police to handcuff him. Steve Livingston gave us a series of films in which footage of how American law enforcement custody quickly and effectively pacify drunken drivers, violent drug addicts, thieves vehicles, other offenders, who tried to have a fierce resistance during the arrest, but "tamed" the action of Tasers.
In addition to exploring the work of American police guests the opportunity to enjoy a grand sports event, meet the founding father of the tournament - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do not disgrace the Vyatskiy edge and Kirov athletes: Vladimir Reshetnikov, Svetlana Klepikova, Alice Skopina. Thus, our famous athlete Vladimir Reshetnikov, a member of the International Police Association, was once again the winner of this prestigious tournament in powerlifting competition in his weight class.
Unfortunately, the trip was not without annoying curiosities. Some detractors were sent to the U.S. false information that I am current member of the Russian secret services.
As a result, within an hour I had to tell the two officers to the FBI about his entire career, much of which was devoted to the fight against criminality in the ranks of the glorious Soviet and Russian police, and then - the teaching of legal disciplines in the educational institutions of the city of Kirov. To confirm his words, I offered to employees of American intelligence agencies to look into the internet and look at the "World Wide Web" my publications on police co-operation of various countries in the fight against transnational crime. To my great surprise, the officers of the FBI showed me they have printed the text of one of my articles published in English six years ago in the Italian magazine «Atlasorbis». This international journal is issued for ten years in two languages ??(Italian and English) police of the city of Rome. The article told of how officers helped FBI Kirov "detectives" in a criminal case of fraud, in which the victims were "American grooms," Send money to Kirov "Russian brides", in fact, were common scams. After confirming the absence of any I have evil intentions in respect of the American people and the state, the FBI, who spent the hour talking to the business and the correct setting, shared with me a friendly handshake and released into the wild. Thus, with the help of the magazine «Atlasorbis» I was able to prove a formidable intelligence agency United States of belonging to the great army of police officers all over the world and it does not drop the honor and dignity of a member of the Russian section of the IPA.
During his trip to the U.S. members of our delegation met many different people: Native Americans, immigrants of different generations of Russia and the other republics of the former Soviet Union. But all of these people treat us - Russians - extremely friendly, slow to render any assistance which we addressed them, it does not hide the feelings of nostalgia for their former homeland, gave us - the envoys far for them Kirov - their attention and kindness.

Vladimir Kislukhin, the colonel of militia in resignation, a member of the International Police Association