strumenti di controllo su guidatori pericolosi che fanno uso di sostanze narcotiche

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Strumenti di controllo sui guidatori pericolosi

Dear Chris what tool police department use in uk for checking impairment? we are doing a study in Italy, probably you already know eyecheck tool which is used in some police departments in Europe and mostly in USA in UK they use the same tool ? or other instruments for impairment to check if drivers makes drug abuse?
regards Nicola

Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2007 6:41 AM

UK police still mainly use breath test kits for drivers (some call them breath-o-lizers) and back at the police station they have a more accurate breath testing machine or the option of a blood or urine sample.
Some forces are now trained in visual impairment testing which they do on the street for drivers as this will pick up those under the influence of drugs as well. Officer have ben to the USA where they have used this type of test for many years.
Some forces now are also using saliva or perspiration drugs test kits which can be used on the streets. They are not evidence in court but are enough to give reasonable suspicion to arrest then get a blood/urine test done at police station.
There are quite a few different makes of kits and machines many which have come from USA as they have used them for many years.
Hope this is helpful

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