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Car Accidents after the tragic event in Rome of  the dead  of two irish tourists girls  caused from a pirat of the road Christopher Locke talks about the legislation in UK concerning car accidents

A drank driver killed two irish tourists in Rome while they were acrossing a street in the center of Rome victims and more victims but legislation is soft what is your opinion regarding this bad event we had in Rome? mostly of theese accidents are causes by alcoolists. How is the legislation in UK? is the legislation severe toward drank drivers? What do you think of countries in Europe which adopt soft legislations toward traffic accidents?

There has in the UK for some years been a feeling by many people that our punishment for drink
driving offences has been too weak. If a driver kills a person either through dangerous driving or
driving whilst under the influence of alcohol quite often they will get only a fine and will lose their
driving licence for a few years and possibly a short prison sentence.
Yet if someone killed another person in the course of a robbery or burglary the killer would almost
certainly get a life sentence (typically serving between 8 and 15 years in prison).
Many in the UK want causing death by dangerous driving or drink driving to be on a par with murder
or manslaughter so offenders would be treated much more seriously.
Chris Locke

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