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In a message dated 12/04/2007 11:21:35 GMT Standard Tim
Intervista al Direttore di Constabulary magazine del Regno Unito
a seguito della Partita di Calcio Roma Manchester United e Manchester United Roma e sulle polemiche che si sono scatenate da parte dei media britannici a seguito degli scontri tra le due tifoserie e i consigli che vengono lanciati dal UEFA

Dear  Chris,
i am Nicola this morning i have red on the newspapers that for  public order
security and it was stated also from UEFA that police officers in  support of
competions as the Champions League need to speak english, and learn  lessons from
the british police forces.
Do you think english leanguage is  fundamental in support of the police to
prevent theese kind of  accidents.
Is is in discussion the creation of a european police force for  sorts with
the aim to prevent theese kind of accidents. Do you think that if  italian
police officers would have been spoken more english to the bristish  fans there
would occured less incidents?
An italian parliamentar with his  son have been attacked in Manchester
outsdide the stadium by vilolent  Manchester fans, in reply to the critics of brtish
magazine seems that the  situation is not better in UK in some cases is  worst.


Dear Nicola,
This is a good question.
There has been a lot of publicity in UK about the way the Rome match was  
policed and whether the police were partly responsible.
I think it is a good idea if there are a number of officers who speak  
English as it could well be
on occasions there my be language misunderstandings. It would be  also good
if a number of British officers spoke Italian for the same  reason.
Perhaps we should suggest this.
Christopher Locke