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History of foundation
The BOPE was created on January 19, 1978, the Military Police Bulletin No. 014 of the same date [1] as the core of the Society of Special Operations (NuCOE), through a project developed and presented by the then Captain Paulo Cesar Amendola Souza of the General Commander of PMERJ, Colonel Mário José Sotero de Menezes. Working on the premises of CFAP-31 volunteers and operationally subordinate to the Chief of Staff of PMERJ. At the Bol AM No. 33, April 7, 1982, by resolution of the General Commander of the PM, the company's core special operations started to work on the premises of the special forces battalion, organic part of that unit and receiving the designation of Special Operations Company - COE. On June 27, 1984, through publication in the Bol AM No. 120, the COE was renamed the Center for Special Operations Independent Company - NuCIOE, operating in the physical facilities of the Regiment Marshal Caetano de Farias, being subordinate only to the administrative BPChq, returning its subordination to the operating head of the EMG. Subsequently, Decree-Law No. 11094 of March 23, 88, was created Special Operations Independent Company - CIOE, with their own missions throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro, that would be determined by the Commandant General. Finally, by Decree No. 16374 of 01 Mar 91 came the creation of the Special Police Operations Battalion - BOPE, the CIOE getting extinct. In 2000 won its own facilities, located in the Morro do Pereirão in the neighborhood of Orange, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. Currently the use of the BOPE in critical situations or special missions is governed by the instruction note No. 004/02 - EMG,
with the administrative and operational unit subordinate to the Special Operations Command PMERJ.

Special focus groups in Rio and Sao Paulo


Subordinated to Federal and headquartered in Brasilia, this group acts around the country investigating hijacking, bombings and suspected of terrorism. It is one of the most requested troops to combat trafficking and smuggling, and are professional escorts and removals of high risk.

GARRA (SP) - A group of armed robbery and assault REPRESSION

This Sao Paulo Civil Police Battalion specializes in crimes that can turn into tragedies, such as burglary or theft of bomb explosives. The Claw also has a subdivision, the Special Rescue Group (GER), which usually take action in cases of theft or hijacking with hostages.

COE (SP) - Special Operations Command

The other specialty of this elite squad linked to PM Californians are acting within the forest, in rescue operations involving missing persons and chase bad guys. Experts in camouflage and jungle survival, members of the COE courses on its performance for both police and to civilians.


Another strength of the Military Police of São Paulo specializing in events involving hostages or invasions dominated by local bandits, as bank robberies. To address these situations, police officers receive special training to deal with criminals, and rely on experts in kidnapping-lightning.

BOPE (RJ) - Special Operations Battalion

To fight organized crime, drug dealers occupy slums and face, the members of this military group climb the hills of Rio heavily armed, opening the way for joint military police.